Working with Dec Munro was one of the best things I ever did for my comedy career. He will see through your bullshit, he will be blunt and honest and he will make you into the best version of yourself. I am never funnier or more productive than when I am in the company of Dec.”

Sofie Hagen “Bubblewrap” & “Shimmer Shatter”

“Dec is the perfect balance of honest and supportive. He lets you steer the show creatively whilst guiding you to find the structure. He is skilled in knowing how to make a show bullet proof.”

Mawaan Rizwan “Juice”

“Working with Dec was a really positive experience. He has supported me with advice on the structure and content of my shows but also has been invaluable with emotional support that is needed with creating a new show. He is one of the most genuine people I’ve met within the comedy world and is totally invested in both you and what you’re trying to create. He’s a wonderful person to have in your corner.”

Ellie Taylor “Infidelliety” & “This Guy”

“I cannot recommend Dec Munro highly enough. He directed my 2017 and 2018 shows and they were both all the better for it. Dec has an incredible eye for structure and for teasing out the themes when you are lost in a forest of jokes and can’t see the wood for the trees. He is also such a positive influence to have around, helping to give you a realistic idea of where you are at and what you need to do to get your show to where you want it to be. His feedback is measured, insightful, never superfluous and ALWAYS useful, in fact it’s almost annoying how much he is right about things. He has not only a great sense of comedy, but a great sense of drama and storytelling that can lift a good show and make it a much better one.”

Angela Barnes “Fortitude” & “Rose Tinted”

Outside Eye (Individual Coaching for Comedians)

“I’d have no hesitation in saying the show I ended up producing would not have been anywhere near what it was without Dec’s help. Crucially he gave me a structure that focused the themes of the show and allowed me to place pieces of material in an order that lead to the show having a narrative arc, or a ‘through line’. I also can’t stress enough how much funnier he made it; he pointed out opportunities for toppers on jokes, highlighted where further call backs could be used and, importantly, encouraged me to avoid taking easy routes to laughs where more interesting jokes could be developed. These sessions were crucial to me in developing work that is distinctive to me as an act, as well as beneficial to my own understanding of my voice as a writer performer, and I’d recommend it to anyone.”

Jacob Hawley

“Working with Dec has been such a positive experience. He creates a supportive space which encourages creativity so that I can be open, honest and really mine my life for material that’s unique to me. The feedback is constructive yet I never feel judged which means I always come away feeling like I’ve improved and excited to test the material we’ve worked on. For me one session with Dec is the equivalent of 100 gigs.”

Fiona Ridgewell

“Dec was superb; the outside eye session gave me so much confidence and direction – he helped me turn a bunch of disparate ideas that were in the wrong place, into an order and structure that was both funnier and more true to the show itself. I cannot recommend Dec highly enough, without him my show would have been far worse.”

Ted Hill

“You really pointed out to me where I was just doing same old shit & where I shone & helped me lean into my strengths. It’s got better & better. Never felt as confident or happy about something in my life. And a big thanks goes to you.” 

Raul Kohli


“Really recommend this course for anyone wanting to start in comedy and unsure where to begin. Dec creates an environment that brings out the best in everyone and it definitely helped me go from a local comedy club to the BBC in a really short time”

Joshua Bethania

“Dec’s class is the best way to start doing stand up. Working with a director who regularly has shows at international comedy festivals is helpful because he can provide a 3rd party perspective that’s incredibly professional. Very generous person and a wise teacher. If you’re serious about stand up, take the class. Hopefully you can get a spot!”

Nina Kramer

This course was fantastic. Dec Munro is a great teacher – engaging, supportive and very funny; he helped me build something I am proud of, and I really loved working with the other group members. He’s very good at what he does. It was like learning to drive in a Rolls Royce.”

William Arnall-Culliford

“Dec has an incredible instinct for crafting all different types of comedy. Dec is a gifted, generous teacher. He is insightful and comprehensive in his teaching. He is humble and kind. His love for comedy shines through and will increase your heart and stamina for it.

Rosemary Gomes

“This course was completely transformative. I cannot believe how much progress the group made. It’s more than just a stand up course: it provides a network, best practices to generate material and inspiring advice to find your voice as a comedian. I cannot recommend the course and Dec’s teaching highly enough.”

Glynn Goodall

“If you want to try something new in a fun and supportive environment and meet amazing people, sign up right now! Even if you’re not sure whether you’re funny or nervous about performing – this course will bring out the bets in you. The week-long intensive version was a great option because we had people travel to London from all over Europe for it and you bond so much as a group. Dec is basically the teacher from Dead Poet’s Society. Get on board, it’s unforgettable.”

Kat Dellar


“Stand Up to Cancer has worked with Dec over the past few years and he has produced several important – and sometimes unusual – live events for us. He knows live comedy incredibly well and has been a great sounding board for ideas as well as being a pleasure to work with. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Simon Harrison, Head of Stand Up to Cancer, Cancer Research UK

Dec fully produced a very successful series of large online events for Next Up Comedy. We had fantastic feedback and he’s a pleasure to work with. We’d unreservedly recommend Dec”

Dan Berg, Next Up Comedy CEO and Co-Founder