Outside Eye

The Outside Eye

This tends to be a 3 hour session helping to work up show or significantly develop a comedic idea (a mix of time spent in prep watching tape or reading a script and up to 3 hours working through it together)


The focus of the session is driven by the priority of the performer/s but would generally include structural advice, helping make a show more distinctive to the writer, developing/extending jokes and adding toppers/callbacks etc, mapping a realistic timeline to the Fringe, and brainstorming further creative ideas for your show.

Where the performer/s already has the show in some sort of rough shape this would likely involve watching a run through at the Bill Murray (or elsewhere), taking extensive notes, and then spending 90 minutes to 2 hours afterwards working through these and suggesting future action

For shows that are at an earlier stage of development, Dec can help with the writing process, accountability, motivation, encouragement and excellent advice.

Standard charge for the Outside Eye is £225

“Dec tailors his approach to you, creating space to authentically uncover personal idiosyncrasies and experiences, and play around with them inventively as an engaging comedian or storyteller. He can take you from a bunch of possibilities in your head, to the arc of a show; providing strategies for developing the bigger picture of the work, as well as assisting with the details and the delivery of specific jokes and ideas.”

Louise Ashcroft, Artist and Lecturer in Fine Art, Goldsmiths, University of London “Birdhut Spermbank”

“I’m really annoyed that my show is much better because of what Dec suggested”

David Ian, Co-Founder Queer Comedy Club

“My Outside Eye session with Dec completely shaped the way I approached my debut hour and the structure of the show. I left the session totally inspired and got to work straight away with instantly positive results from audiences. His insight into what a show needs whilst remaining true to your own persona and style is second to none and I could not recommend it enough. As well as what I needed to expand on, Dec was also extremely honest with what wasn’t working and what bits should be cut, which is just as invaluable to creating the best show you can. Thank you Dec!”

Alexandra Haddow, “Not My Finest Hour” Nominee – Best Newcomer Leicester Comedy Festival 2023

“Without Dec, I would simply be that hamster on a wheel – permanently stuck and unable to get out of the jungle of ideas in my own head.  Dec’s manner is mild and polite, which was crucial when he needed to ask me blunt questions or make concise suggestions (“Why should I care about this point here?”, “This joke is not strong enough.”)  I don’t think I could have handled these comments if they had come from someone with too abrasive a tone, yet those were exactly what I needed to be told as a performer.  It is not likely to get honest comments like these from fellow comedians or people around you, as they’d find these too rude to say. When I asked my friends to recommend someone to provide coaching/direction, I said I would like someone who does not just impose their vision or perception of me.  With Dec, I definitely feel it’s a two-way street, in that Dec sought to understand who I am as a person, what my comedy persona on stage is and tailors his advice to me accordingly. That’s the best kind of help a comedian can hope for. “

Kuan-Wen Huang, “Isla Formosa” Nominee Best Show Leicester Comedy Festival 2023)

“Dec’s skill is that he can wrap up really useful feedback whilst still being kind. He’s good on structure and on how the audience perceive things. I can honestly say the stuff I’m doing is better because of him and all the bad bits are because I’ve stubbornly refused to listen”

Rob Manuel, “Fesshole Live”