Outside Eye

The Outside Eye

This tends to be a 4 hour session (1 hour of prep and 3 in person or online) helping to work up a show or significantly develop a comedic idea

About the Session:

The focus of the session is driven by the priority of the performer/s but would generally include structural advice, helping make a show more distinctive to the writer, developing/extending jokes and adding toppers/callbacks etc, mapping a realistic timeline to the Fringe, and brainstorming further creative ideas for your show.

Where the performer/s already has the show in some sort of rough shape this would likely involve watching a run through at the Bill Murray (or elsewhere/online), taking extensive notes, and then spending 90 minutes to 2 hours afterwards working through these.

For shows that are at an earlier stage of development, I can help with the writing process, with motivation, encouragement and excellent advice.

Standard charge for the Outside Eye is £200