Outside Eye

The Outside Eye

This tends to be a 3 hour session helping to work up show or significantly develop a comedic idea (a mix of time spent in prep watching tape or reading a script and up to 3 hours working through it together)


The focus of the session is driven by the priority of the performer/s but would generally include structural advice, helping make a show more distinctive to the writer, developing/extending jokes and adding toppers/callbacks etc, mapping a realistic timeline to the Fringe, and brainstorming further creative ideas for your show.

Where the performer/s already has the show in some sort of rough shape this would likely involve watching a run through at the Bill Murray (or elsewhere), taking extensive notes, and then spending 90 minutes to 2 hours afterwards working through these and suggesting future action

For shows that are at an earlier stage of development, Dec can help with the writing process, accountability, motivation, encouragement and excellent advice.

Standard charge for the Outside Eye is £225

“I’d have no hesitation in saying the show I ended up producing would not have been anywhere near what it was without Dec’s help. Crucially he gave me a structure that focused the themes of the show and allowed me to place pieces of material in an order that lead to the show having a narrative arc, or a ‘through line’. I also can’t stress enough how much funnier he made it; he pointed out opportunities for toppers on jokes, highlighted where further call backs could be used and, importantly, encouraged me to avoid taking easy routes to laughs where more interesting jokes could be developed. These sessions were crucial to me in developing work that is distinctive to me as an act, as well as beneficial to my own understanding of my voice as a writer performer, and I’d recommend it to anyone.”

Jacob Hawley

“Working with Dec has been such a positive experience. He creates a supportive space which encourages creativity so that I can be open, honest and really mine my life for material that’s unique to me. The feedback is constructive yet I never feel judged which means I always come away feeling like I’ve improved and excited to test the material we’ve worked on. For me one session with Dec is the equivalent of 100 gigs.”

Fiona Ridgewell

“Dec was superb; the outside eye session gave me so much confidence and direction – he helped me turn a bunch of disparate ideas that were in the wrong place, into an order and structure that was both funnier and more true to the show itself. I cannot recommend Dec highly enough, without him my show would have been far worse.”

Ted Hill

“You really pointed out to me where I was just doing same old shit & where I shone & helped me lean into my strengths. It’s got better & better. Never felt as confident or happy about something in my life. And a big thanks goes to you.

Raul Kohli

“What is there to say about Dec that hasn’t already been said by every comedy legend? I came to Dec as a very clueless American with little knowledge or expertise about the Edinburgh Fringe and left the festival having been signed by Avalon. Dec’s “Outside Eye” is actually magic and in my opinion is actually essential to any artist. I think it’s possible he’s a wizard given he helped transform my show in just under 2 weeks. If you’re seeking iconic comedy wisdom look no further. You have found the Holy Grail of Comedy.”

Leah Lamarr

 “I can’t recommend Dec Munro enough. He really opened my eyes to the key things I personally needed to do to bring more depth and originality to my work. He instantly put me at ease and I felt like I could talk to him about anything. In just one session I came out feeling so much more inspired and so much more confident about the next stages of the creative process that I needed to embark on and explore.”

Zahra Barri 

“Working with Dec completely changed the way I thought about my show and who it was for. Dec is totally honest about what works and what doesn’t, and I left the sessions with tons of ideas about what I needed to do to clarify the structure, narrative, and the character. The sessions were inspiring, full of information, and absolutely the best thing I did for my show.”

Delea Shand 

“I have done the odd session with Dec and then worked more intensely with him on my last show which I was terrified about doing but it was the best thing I’ve ever created! I like working with Dec even when he stares at you and then pauses and says nothing and you feel your darlings are wilting in the silence. Then he smiles and after a while says ‘but what do you mean? And more importantly why should we care?’ He pushes you to dig deeper even when doing so may feel uncomfortable but it will get you to force yourself to create actual authentic results. Creating a show is a personal thing but I’ve always felt safe and supported working with Dec, he knows what he’s doing and I’d say if you want to push your work to the next level, work with this man. Sometimes it doesn’t click in straight away cos your ego and fear are driving your brain but I found myself coming away from the last Edinburgh fringe with the penny dropping and a show I could be proud of. Thanks, Dec for pushing me

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For a straight white man in comedy he’s actually alright. I didn’t feel harassed for a single second”

Faye Treacy

“Working with Dec was a real privilege. He guided me through comedy world maze and helped me plan an exciting and achievable path for my show”

Aram Balakjian, Film Club Improv

“In just a few hours Dec brought the enormous weight of his comedy brain to bear on my show, in the kind, compassionate manner that is his calling card. He is a brilliant comedy personal trainer and will expertly whip your material into shape.” 

Graham Dickson